Best Fleshlight + upgrades for a premium experience in 2020

Let us introduce you to an on-demand orgasm experience, which is almost as good as real sex. The ultimate on-demand orgasm experience can be achieved using the best fleshlight (=masturbator device and brand) and combining it also with the best virtual reality (VR) setup.

The best on-demand masturbation experience is given by using a fleshlight and VR.
masturbation using the best fleshlight and virtual reality setup

The first part of our page describes the best fleshlight products itself. The second part of our page indicates how the masturbation experience can be upgraded through VR. On the second part our page, there are different bundles of masturbator devices and VR combinations. Each bundle is designed to fit your desired level of sexual stimulation.

Attention: you can upgrade any of the listed products.

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Best Fleshlight Products

Best for
Vaginal Intercourse

Stamina Training Unit

this masturbator shall be used to be able to last longer in bed during real sex

Best for

Turbo Thrust

elevates your blowjob experience to another level for self-pleasure

Best for Quick
Anal and Vaginal

Quickshot by Riley Reid

double-sided for anal and vaginal sex

Best for
See-Through Action

Ice Lady / Ice butt

allows you to see your cock while penetrating

Best for
First Timers

Pink Lady

if not sure what to use, then that is the go to product for starters

Upgrade #1: add VR

The first upgrade allows the user to add a “point of view” motion picture and the following items are required:
+ Smartphone (prerequisite)
+ Fleshlight/Quick Shot
+ VR Goggles
+ VR Porn Subscription.

Best Mixed Content

PornHub Premium + VR

a wide variety of porn but not focusing on pure VR

Best 6K VR Content

VR Bangers

this company focuses on exclusive 3D VR content in 6K and 360°

Best Long Duration VR

Virtual Real Porn

this company focuses on long duration VR content, if you need more time for roleplay

add some VR Goggles

Free Smartphone
VR Headset

DIY VR Headset

fast and free VR goggles for a first VR experience

VR Headset

VR Headset

high quality VR headset for a better VR experience

Upgrade #2: remove Hands

For an optimal sexual self-stimulation within the limits of “upgrade #2: remove Hands“, you are required to have the following items, plus we recommend to get the bundle. You can also just buy the launch:
+ Smartphone (prerequisite)
+ Fleshlight/Quick Shot
+ Launch
+ VR Goggles
+ VR Porn Subscription.

Best Hands Free
Fleshlight Bundle

Launch + Fleshlight + Lube

with the help of the launch product, you do not have to move your fleshlight with your hand anymore. It’s AUTONOMOUS!

Best Hands Free
Quickshot Bundle

Launch + Quickshot + Lube

with the help of the launch product, you do not have to move your Quickshot with your hand anymore. It’s AUTONOMOUS!

Cleaning and Lubrication

After purchasing your desired sexual self stimulation product, you need to maintain it properly. If you do not maintain it, then your fleshlight will have to be replaced very quickly. The required products for maintenance are a water-based lubricant, while using it and a cleaner for cleaning your sleeve. The water-based lubricant is for both your device and your cock otherwise sooner or later, one or the other will start burning. The other products cleaner and anti bacterial washer are specifically designed to clean your masturbator after having fun.

Please use water-based lubricants only when playing with your sex toys. If you use other-based lubricants, you will ruin your toy.

Water-based Lubricant

Lube by Fleshlight

please do not forget to ONLY use water-based lubricants with your fleshlight, otherwise you will damage the sleeve

Cleaning Kit

Powder and Anti-bacterial

it is vital to clean your fleshlight after each use, otherwise you can get an infection

3 tips when buying your first fleshlight

First of all, there is a big variety of fleshlights products: small, big, porn star vaginas, anal, you name it and it exists. What you prefer may be different from what your friend likes, that is why any advice to talk about what product is best is almost non existent. The best advice should refer to what quality materials to pay attention to, when buying your “first” is extremely high and delivers valuable insight. It can no be neglected that a penis is going to be stuck into a device to mimic sexual pleasure and that is why the buying a quality product is important.

1. Buy from a premium brand

A well established brand has already earned the customers’ trust. The customer knows that he can rely on that brand because they have been delivering quality products for several years now. A high amount of trust from a customer shows good branding by the company. Good branding can be achieved for a limited time by excellent marketing but excellent products market your brand.

2. Sleeve (=inner canal) is out of medical-grade silicone

Premium brands use premium materials to manufacture the sleeve (=symbolizing the vagina, butt or mouth) of the fleshlight. A commonly used premium material is medical-grade silicone, also called platinum silicone because it is platinum-based. Silicone sleeves are hypoallergenic (=can be used by people who prone to allergies), non-porous and resistent to hight temperatures. When using a silicone based toy, please remember to only use water-based lubricants, otherwise you will damage the silicone.

3. Clean toys after each use

Many people wonder, whether they have to clean their sex toy after each use. The answer is very simple – YES! After ejaculating into your partners’ genitals, your partner goes to bathroom after sexual intercourse. He or she does not want to keep sperm inside of them for too long. Since a sex toy is simulating sexual intercourse, you als must clean it after each use, otherwise you can run into the risk of infecting your cock.

Fleshlight vs. Regular Masturbation

Why do you prefer real sex over masturbation? Because it “feels” better and the orgasm is extraordinary. There is nothing better than real sex but a fleshlight is very close. The feeling while using a toy over your hand is extra-ordinary and satisfies you much better.

it is better to use the devices, that you have, such as a fleshlight and VR - best experience ever!

3 steps how to use your fleshlight

In summary, the use of a fleshlight is very obvious. You take your sex toy, use a water-based lubricant and move your cock in and out of it until you ejaculate. However, there are a few additional steps, that can be applied in order to improve the on-demand sexual experience. Read on for the major steps.

Step 1: Warm up your sleeve

Warming up your sleeve emulates the warmth experienced during vaginal or anal intercourse. There are two ways to warm up the sleeve: 1. you can boil up some water and let the sole sleeve inside the water for a few minutes or 2. you can get a sleeve warmer, where you place your sleeve over it and wait also a few minutes.

Step 2: Use water-based lubrication

Using lubrication will enhance the orgasm experience much better and closer to the real thing. Plus, any other lubricant just damages your silicone toy.

Step 3: Move your hand up and down

It is fairly easy from now. Stick your cock in it and move the toy up and down with your hand until you ejaculate.

Step 4: Clean it after each use.

Yes, you have to clean it after each use otherwise you may get your cock infected at some point. It is recommended to use an anti-bacterial cleaner and some renewal powder.

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