3 Easy Tips How To Use A Fleshlight In The Shower

Although it seems quite obvious how to use Fleshlight in the shower -everyone knows what to do with a hole shaped like a butt, vagina or lips. We have prepared our 3 favorite methods: your hands, hands free and with a partner. There are some tricks you can apply to take full advantage of this sex toy. Enjoy your relaxing shower and do not forget that masturbation is good for you!

Of course, you can use your fleshlight as you usually would by simply using your hands while being in your room. However, you can spicy it up with easy modifications or you can shake it up a little bit and try some new things such as playing with it under the shower. If you have thought about it, but you’re not really sure how to do it, here are some tips and tricks on how to use a Fleshlight in the shower.

Using your Fleshlight in the shower can be a completely relaxing experience and we highly recommend that you try it.

Before you start using it, don’t forget to lube it – it may seem as you don’t have to do that in the shower, but it is recommended for having the best possible experience and to also not damage the sleeve of your toy. You can mix it up with water-based lubricants and use one with a cooling effect, which is completely opposite from the warm water dripping down on the rest of your senses, or you can use the one with the warming effect and melt away any stress you may be feeling.

When it comes to the time for playing, there are few different ways to use it – with your hands, with the help of special Fleshlight attachments or with the help of someone else’s hands. After having some fun, do not forget to clean your sex toy!

1. Your Hands

masturbation with your own hands

If you decide that you’ll play all by yourself with your hands, make sure you get comfortable in the shower. You can do this by positioning shower head towards you, so you don’t get cold and by leaning on one of the solid walls in the shower. Use it with your hands as you would do it without the Fleshlight or just hold it tightly and use your body as you would do if you were with someone else. Whichever way you choose, you can’t go wrong.

2. Fleshlight Shower Mount

man masturbation with a fleshlight in the shower

Fleshlight attachments will help you get the best possible hands-free experience you can get by yourself. Most of the attachments have a strong suction helping you place them on any flat surface. All you have to do is remove the cap from your Fleshlight and attach it to this new addition to your shower wall. You can do it at any height or angle you desire. If you’re seeking the best possible hands-free shower experience while using Fleshlight, this is the one for you. Pick your fleshlight for the best experience now!

fleshlight shower mount
Fleshlight Shower Mount

3. Sharing The Experience with A Significant Other

sharing the fleshlight experience with a significant other

If you don’t want to purchase any additional attachments and you’re not in the mood for self-controlled hand action, you can always invite someone to come and join you in the shower to share the experience. This can be a great and rewarding thing for both of you and bring more passion to your life, especially if you are in a long term relationship that could use shaking things up.


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