Best Way to Masturbate for Men

We are living in the 21st century! In the 21st century we have loads of technological advancements: we use vehicles instead of horses to move us faster from Los Angeles to San Diego; we have digital access to the latest news at all times instead of a printed version of the news once a week or drones delivering your online orders. That is why it also time to finally step up your masturbation game with a fleshlight or pocket pussy and some virtual reality – welcome to the best way to masturbate! We are no experts here at Jodori. We are just explaining our own experience with masturbation.

The only shame in masturbation is the shame of not doing it well.

Sigmund Freud

Introduction to male masturbation

Masturbation is the act of sexually stimulating your own genitals, in our case it is our cock, until orgasm is reached. There are many “tools” you can use to orgasm while sexually stimulating your cock: hands, fingers or toys. While sexually stimulating your cock, you know that you are doing it right, because it stands up and get’s harder and harder. Plus, your cock tells you that sexual stimulation has been completed successfully, because you ejaculate.

Anyway, have you ever been asking yourself one of the following questions: Is masturbation bad for me? Will my cock shrink?

Is masturbation bad for you?

According to scientists and medical doctors masturbation has virtually no negative consequences. On the contrary, it even offers some health benefits. Common health benefits are stress release, relieve of sexual tension, improvement of self-esteem and also getting a better night’s sleep. Another major benefit is, that you get to understand how your body reacts and behaves to touch or sexual stimulation.

Masturbation has many health benefits.

Will my cock shrink?

No! Actually if you don’t use your cock for sexual experiences, it can shrink. Therefore it is better to at least masturbate on a regular basis and not use your cock only for urinating. If you want to have a big cock, use it! Consider it like growing your muscles: if you go to the gym, you get to keep your muscles and if you stop, they shrink.

Not using your cock may cause shrinkage. So use it!

What is the best way to masturbate in the 21st century?

In the 21st century, we are fortunate enough that technological advancements have also reached sexual self-stimulation of our genitals. We do not have to use our bare hand to self-stimulate our cock, there is amazing technology available. In order to teach you how to elevate your masturbation game to the next level with technology, keep reading. Our guide on the best way how masturbation can be executed, consists out of 3 stages. The first stage is for beginners, that have never used anything other than their own hand. In the first stage, you shall start using a fleshlight or pocket pussy. It will be like going from an amateur athlete to a professional one. For the second stage, you start adding some more features such as a self-made virtual reality (VR) cardboard goggles and subscribe for some VR porn. In the third stage, you optimize your fleshlight gear to be interactive. Below are all 3 stages explained.

Required EquipmentStage 1Stage 2Stage 3
VR Porn Premium SubscriptionYesYes
VR Cardboard Goggles /
VR Goggles
Interactive FleshlightYes
Overview of required equipment for each stage

Stage 1 “The Start” – Fleshlight

Many men do not ever try masturbating using a fleshlight. 99% of men (it is an assumed number) masturbate with their hands quickly without even truly enjoying it after multiple years. In order to upgrade and start enjoying masturbation again, a fleshlight (or real sex) is the only solution to that problem. The moment your cock penetrates a pocket pussy is game changing and the closest thing to real sex. For stage 1 the purchase of a fleshlight is recommended in order to elevate your masturbation game.

Stage 2 “Upgrage #1” – Fleshlight + VR Goggles + VR Porn

masturbation using the best fleshlight and virtual reality setup
masturbation using the best fleshlight and virtual reality setup

To complete stage 2, you have to gear up. After buying your very first fleshlight, you will have to buy more new gear – VR Goggles and a VR Porn Subscription. VR Goggles can be also build from a cardbox and it works just fine. Go to our best fleshlight product list, to find suitable VR goggles for you. The reason for upgrading to VR porn is unbelievable. You can survive without a proper VR Subscription, but once you taste the benefit of it, you will never go back. Sure, you can ride your bicycle your entire life, but once you switch to an electric bike, you will never go back again.

After getting the recommended equipment, you shall be able to freely look at incredible quality VR porn through your VR goggles while masturbating using a fleshlight. Enjoy and you are welcome!

Stage 3 “Upgrade #2”- Fleshlight + Interactive masturbator + VR Googles + VR Porn Subscription

masturbation using the best fleshlight and virtual reality setup
masturbation using the best fleshlight and virtual reality setup

Welcome to stage 3 “upgrade #2”- hands free. This is the ultimate and best way to masturbate. If you have reached stage 3, you shall be the owner of a fleshlight, VR goggles and a nice VR porn subscription. Putting all three things together elevates your masturbation sky high, but there is one more thing you can do to upgrade – an interactive fleshlight. An interactive fleshlight will move autonomously on your cock up and down varying the intensity. This setup is truly a masterpiece and the provides the best almost sex experience.

Best way to masturbate – Summary

In summary, the best to masturbate is however, you prefer and enjoy it. However, in case you feel like an upgrade is required, please do not hesitate to follow our guide and comment below. You start with buying a fleshlight. Your first upgrade are some self-made or bought VR goggles and a VR porn subscription. Your last upgrade is the interactive fleshlight, where everything is hands free, like during real sex. Have a good go!


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