• Where can I buy a fleshlight? …and where I shouldn’t
    Fleshlight is an innovative sex toy product that has gained a huge popularity all over America in a very short time. That is why men are wondering… where can I buy a fleshlight? This product is a one of a kind discreet masturbation tool that is designed to look like a flashlight. This product has […]
  • Using a Fleshlight over Masturbating with just Your Hand
    A fleshlight is a male masturbator for men. Do you masturbate? Ladies have been masturbating for a long time releasing their pressure, so a man should also not feel shy masturbating. It helps you reduce the sexual pressure urge to avoid cheating in relationships. Masturbation will avoid shitty relationships, sexually transmitted diseases, and heartbreaks. How […]
  • What Does a Fleshlight Feel Like? 3 Major Materials
    The world is filled with fancy things, and among so many stuff, you get to fulfill your sexual fantasies even when you have no partner with you. If you are a male, and your sexual frustration is growing day by day, and there is no potential partner on sight, you can have the pleasure of […]
  • Is It Creepy To Own or To Use A Fleshlight?
    Sexuality is one of the most important aspects of life along with health, money and love. Therefore, everything that is done to improve one’s sexuality is welcome, as it benefits the physical and mental health of the individual. Man has turned to masturbation to explore his own pleasure and get to know himself better. Male […]
  • Is Buying A Fleshlight Worth It?
    Fleshlights are becoming popular among men in recent times. This explains the flow in their sales across the world and that it is worth it to buy a fleshlight. These are vagina replicas that are super realistic in nature, and you can easily penetrate them when you have an aroused penis. It fits in your […]
  • Hide Your Fleshlight – 13 Places and Objects
    There is no denying the fact that even if you are totally comfortable with your sexual orientation, you still hide your secret collection of fleshlight and other sex toys. Imagine your mother visiting your drawer to do your laundry but to her awe, she discovers a drawer that has your secret private collection. Not only […]
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    As you know that masturbation is one of the most controversial topics and there are many speculations about it. Some people say that it is healthy while some criticize it for not being safe. Now the main question arises is that whether you should masturbate or not and is masturbation good for you? Well, the […]