What Does a Fleshlight Feel Like? 3 Major Materials

The world is filled with fancy things, and among so many stuff, you get to fulfill your sexual fantasies even when you have no partner with you. If you are a male, and your sexual frustration is growing day by day, and there is no potential partner on sight, you can have the pleasure of fleshlights. These are amazing toys that give a similar feeling to the butt or a vagina. It gives you the sensation, and you would be surprised to know that so many men use this toy in their solo times. All those toys are manufactured containing different materials. The materials plays an important role at what a fleshlight feels like.

Fleshlight feels like a real vagina because of the material used in it. If you are thinking that it won’t draw out that type of pleasure, you can try it first and then, think. Yes, it might vary in the warmth, but if you prepare yourself well, then, it will not be an issue. There is some kind of fleshlights that are softer than human tissue, and you will get the climax you never had. Also, the appearance of the toy can make you climax before you even have started! So, what does a fleshlight feel like? Ah, and do not forget to clean your sex toy afterwards.

The feeling based on 3 major fleshlight materials

Fleshlights come with two parts, the material, and the case or the sleeve. The second part is to hold the thing on the wall or the surface you are using. It gives a good grip so that you don’t feel the disappointment midway your action. Also, there are different materials for fleshlights. You can choose the ones that fit you the best. What does a fleshlight feel like based on each material?


What does a fleshlight feel like with cyberskin?
Cyber woman with cyberskin leans against the polish fiat 126p car

This material is there to give you the human flesh-like feeling. It is the type of thermoplastic and gives that soft feeling after the insertion, that you have been looking for. This is closer to human skin than silicon material and also cheaper, but breaks faster and may cause allergic reactions. This toy can be squeezed and squshed, and it goes back to its previous shape. If you are the first time user of this material, you would want to use it for a long time and make your sound heard outside the bedroom or bathroom, because it will give you that pleasure. Also, try not to use oil or silicon-based lube here. It will ruin the skin, so, go for water-based.

Medical-Grade Silicone

What does a fleshlight feel like with silicone?
Silicone muffin baking forms

This is a high-grade sex toy and retains the heat for a long time. This is also hypoallergenic, and non-porous, so, when you are looking after your health, this is the best material you can choose. This gives one of the best feelings, and the flesh like touch will make you forget every stress you had earlier. Use water-based lube with it, because any other material will ruin the skin of the fleshlight.


What does a fleshlight feel like with latex?
Latex suit on female body

This material is good but not as much as used like Cyberskin and silicon. But this fleshlight is ultra-soft and gives the soft touch to your member and just the place you want it. The drawback comes with it is the smell of latex, and some people have allergies with this material. Also, this is porous, so, it will be best to use a condom, and go for a silicon-based lube only. With oil lubricant, you will get harsh friction.

In summary, “What does a fleshlight feel like?” depends mostly on the material used for the pocket pussy. A high quality fleshlight is usually made out of medical-grade silicone and that is also what we recommend to use. Buying a silicone based fleshlight, provides you the best value for your money.


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