Hide Your Fleshlight – 13 Places and Objects

There is no denying the fact that even if you are totally comfortable with your sexual orientation, you still hide your secret collection of fleshlight and other sex toys. Imagine your mother visiting your drawer to do your laundry but to her awe, she discovers a drawer that has your secret private collection.

Not only is it embarrassing but now you may be answerable to your parents for having such erogenous items at home.

If you desperately want to keep your Fleshlight at home and not get caught by your parents, flat mates, friends, partners, here are a few ways how to hide your Fleshlight safely and keep it away from anyone to notice.

containers that have a lock system

If you have any containers that have a lock system, you can lock your Fleshlight up in the container and keep it away from anyone’s reach. Make it look as unpredictable as you can.

something with a lock on it to hide your fleshlight

space inside of a pillow cover

There is a lot of space inside of a pillow cover. The manufacturers make the pillow covers very intelligently. They make a hollow in the inside of the cover. It is enough space for you to store the Fleshlight inside the pillow cover and never get caught.

fleshlight in a pillow

toothbrush holder

Do you not have a toothbrush holder? Well, don’t worry. Use your fleshlight as a toothbrush holder, that way it will serve you in two ways and you can stop worrying about getting caught.

tooth brush holder for fleshlight


If you duct-tape at home that you do not require, use it to tape the fleshlight under your bed or study table. Easy to reach and easy to hide.

duct tape for your fleshlight

your shoes

Fleshlight can properly fit inside your shoes. No one will never check your shoes thinking it is going to be stinky and dirty. The last place your parents are going to check is your shoes. So, without any worry, store the fleshlight inside your shoe.

old shoebox

You can also make use of an old shoebox to store the fleshlight. Stack some old childhood photographs or collectibles and underneath those keep your fleshlight, cover it with whatever you get and wrap the box with some papers.

hide fleshlight in empty shoe box

Xbox or Playstation console box

Think of all the objects in your home which your parents seldom check or touch such as your Xbox or Playstation console box. Hide your fleshlight inside the box because that’s the last place your parents are going to check.



Are you a craftsperson? If yes, then you will surely have plenty of craft storage boxes which is probably the best place to hide the fleshlight. Too many craft things inside the box will manage to hide your fleshlight properly and no one will even notice.


hide your fleshlight among the toys

If you have toys in your bedroom, especially silicone toys, you can hide your fleshlight among the toys. Better if you keep the fleshlight inside one of the toys if possible.

hide fleshlight amoung toys


Bookshelves are also a good place behind which you can hide the fleshlight and never get caught.

hide behind boks


If you have an extra backpack with you, hide the fleshlight in the bag. However, make sure you do not use the regular backpack that you use every day to hide your fleshlight. You do not want to carry it everywhere you go.

toilet tank

Another interesting place where you can hide your fleshlight is behind your toilet tank. Tape the fleshlight and cover it up with any object from the bathroom. You can cover it up with a storage box.

toilet tank

reusable shampoo bottle

You can also use the fleshlight as a reusable shampoo bottle. Since everybody is worried about the environment, you can save the environment by cutting down the use of new plastic shampoo bottles and use a refillable shampoo bottle put inside your fleshlight. In this way you do not need to buy plastic bottle shampoos, your hair will also benefit and sparkle and no one will notice the fleshlight at all.

old shampoo bottle for fleshlight hiding

But last of all, if you have a fleshlight, be proud of it. You do not need to hide it at all. You have every right to feel pleasure and it is high time people acknowledged the need to feel pleasure. However, you should definitely learn your boundaries. Don’t keep your fleshlight at the dinner table. Keep it where it should be kept without feeling embarrassed.    

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