Is Masturbation Good For You? 5 Beneficial Tips

As you know that masturbation is one of the most controversial topics and there are many speculations about it. Some people say that it is healthy while some criticize it for not being safe. Now the main question arises is that whether you should masturbate or not and is masturbation good for you? Well, the simple answer is yes, masturbation is completely healthy. It is a natural process and does not harm your body in any way, instead, it can protect you from prostate cancer. Masturbation is very common and people of all ages do it for self-pleasure.

 However, some people don’t enjoy it, but there is nothing wrong with doing it. In short, it depends on your choice whether you want to masturbate or not. Now after discussing the basic information regarding masturbation, it’s time to talk about the reasons how it is beneficial.

1- Reduces Stress And Anxiety

masturbation reduces stress so that you jump up and down

One of the biggest benefits of masturbation is that it reduces stress levels and relieves anxiety. The logical reason behind this is when you masturbate and orgasm, your body releases a relaxation hormone, which is known as prolactin. This hormone calms your body and makes you feel happy. Apart from this, it also lowers your blood pressure and promotes dopamine release, which is a feel-good chemical that boosts your mood and lift your spirit.

2- Improves Sleep

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For all the people who are dealing with any kind of sleep-related problems such as insomnia, masturbation can be very helpful. However, there are also other ways to improve sleep quality like working out, meditation but if you want a quick solution, then there is nothing better than masturbation. As mentioned above that having an orgasm releases different kinds of chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine, and prolactin. According to different studies, all these chemicals can create a positive environment in your body, which can help you sleep faster.

3- Better Immunity

immunity is increased by nutrients

Another great benefit of masturbation is that it boosts the immunity of your body. According to many top health professionals, ejaculation elevates the cortisol levels. However, there are many speculations that cortisol is bad for health but in reality, if it is increased in small doses, then it can help in regulating and maintaining the immune system. It is also believed that masturbation can create a perfect environment for a powerful and stronger immune system. Apart from this, a small study was done in 2004, which found that individuals who masturbate had more WBCs (white blood cells) after 45 minutes of having the orgasm.

4- Improves Skin

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Along with being an amazing stress buster, masturbation can also improve your skin. When you orgasm, it increases the blood flow to the skin. This opens up your blood vessels, which improve your glow and make your skin brighter. Apart from this, your body also releases oxytocin, which has amazing anti-inflammatory properties. This means masturbation won’t only improve your skin’s glow but it can also make the rashes and zits less noticeable. Masturbation is a natural process that makes you well acquainted with your body. It also refreshes your mind and energizes your body, which is very important to be productive and resourceful.

5- Helps You Last longer

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There are a lot of men who complain about not lasting enough in bed. Though this is a common problem but masturbation can be a very effective solution to deal with that. It improves your control and increases your stamina very efficiently. According to some health professionals, masturbating an hour before intercourse will provide you more control. Now you have to understand that it won’t happen in one day, you will need daily practice to develop it.

However, masturbation only requires 3 to 5 minutes with your hand or a fleshlight, but if done regularly, then then it can increase the number of strokes. All you have to do is be patient and try to increase the duration gradually.


So these were some benefits of masturbation that everyone should know. There is a lot of false information all over the internet regarding masturbation but the truth is that it is completely safe both physically and mentally. However, some people feel guilty after doing it but one thing you should always keep in mind is that masturbation is neither immoral nor wrong.


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