Is It Creepy To Own or To Use A Fleshlight?

Sexuality is one of the most important aspects of life along with health, money and love. Therefore, everything that is done to improve one’s sexuality is welcome, as it benefits the physical and mental health of the individual. Man has turned to masturbation to explore his own pleasure and get to know himself better. Male masturbation has tried countless methods to achieve pleasure. One of them is the fleshlight, a sex toy similar to a flashlight, inside which reproduces the system of a vulva, lips or anus. The man inserts the penis into the hole of the sex toy and begins to feel pleasure thanks to the friction of his virile limb. Masturbation has always been a taboo subject in our society. That’s why when a man masturbates, in this case with a fleshlight, he feels guilty and asks himself: Is It creepy to own a fleshlight?. The answer is: definitely not, and below are the valuable reasons for this answer.

is it creepy to own a fleshlight?
is it creepy to own a fleshlight?

The benefits of masturbation

Men use a fleshlight to masturbate and feel a guilty pleasure about it. Unfortunately masturbation has always generated a negative controversy, going so far as to say that it is a very sad thing. The reality is that masurbation, traditional or using sex toys, is a powerful self-knowledge tool that allows us to explore our own bodies. Squeezing masturbation then allows you to have good quality sex with a couple, as we know what we like.This action also serves to release tensions when we are experiencing stressful situations of any kind. Therefore, masturbation should stop looking like an embarrassing act, as it is a tool of self-knowledge.

Hygiene and fleshlight

The fleshlight was created not only for masturbation, but was also created as a replacement for real sex in case a man does not have a partner, or is far from his wife or girlfriend.The use of fleshlight also serves to prevent sexually transmitted diseases or prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

Using a fleshlight to masturbate may seem surprising, but in reality fleshlight is an extremely hygienic element, which carries no risk to those who use it.

There are cases of men who for some reason don’t want to have a stable relationship and don’t want to have occasional sex with a woman they don’t know either. That’s why they prefer to masturbate with a fleshlight as a substitute for real sex. This is a totally respectable decision, as they are individuals who prioritize their health, do not want to get a woman pregnant (contraceptive methods could fail) nor do they want to risk contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

Taking control through masturbation

Men who choose to masturbate with a fleshlight do so to be in control of their own sexuality, among other reasons. A man may not have a partner, not want to risk having sex with an unknown woman to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, or do not want to get a woman pregnant. Despite any circumstances, men want to continue to enjoy good sexuality and that’s why they choose to masturbate with a fleshlight. This sex toy gives them a lot of pleasure, whatever context it is going through.


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