Is Buying A Fleshlight Worth It?

Fleshlights are becoming popular among men in recent times. This explains the flow in their sales across the world and that it is worth it to buy a fleshlight. These are vagina replicas that are super realistic in nature, and you can easily penetrate them when you have an aroused penis. It fits in your palm with ease while you’re masturbating. This article answer the question: Is Buying a Fleshlight Worth it?

Now, you don’t need to spend time masturbating with a gallon of lube and your arm. Fleshlight toys make you feel like the original thing. And, you’ll have orgasms in no time.

Five reasons that make Fleshlights awesome:

Here are the five reasons why you should buy a Fleshlight.

1. It feels more like the real thing – The soft and flexible skin of the Fleshlight is specially designed to provide you with the most realistic simulation of sexual intercourse ever known to men. Although it may not give you a 100% feeling like an actual vagina, it is the closest thing you can get.

Lots of men have showered Fleshlights with positive reviews because it felt more like an actual woman’s vagina compared to anything else they have used. The silicone texture has the perfect kind of softness that mimics a pussy.

The presence of a quality water-based lubricant produces the right amount of friction. It welcomes your penis into a moist, soft love tunnel every time you use it. Not too little and not too much. It massages your cock better than your hand ever could.

promiscuous woman says that it is worth it to buy a fleshlight

2. You can avoid the death grip syndrome – Yes, this is an important problem that should be addressed. Many guys aren’t aware of this, and they tend to go too fast or squeeze it too hard. This reduces the sensitivity of your penis over time. As such, it makes it difficult to orgasm when you’re with your partner having actual sex.

Using a Fleshlight instead of your hard grip can eliminate this dreaded problem. You don’t have to squeeze it to death anymore. A quality sex toy is durable, effective, and safe. Stick with reputable brands, and you won’t have a problem. Stop asking yourself, is buying a Fleshlight worth it and buy one to heal your cock.

death grip syndrome apears if men masturbate too hard and fast

3. Reduced friction – Time to get real now. Any guy who says he’s never ever rubbed himself quite harder in his whole life is lying. Everybody has been to that place, and it sucks. So, in what way does a masturbator helps to keep your irritation at a minimum?

The answer is pretty simple. Lots of lubricant along with softer touch. While using a male sex toy for masturbation, a lubricant is of utmost importance. Because it tends to eliminate burn due to friction.

And, combined with a light touch, you don’t even have to squeeze your little buddy to death either. Remember that texture is everything. The high-quality patented material used in Fleshlight replicates the exact feeling of having penetrative sex.

friction between two tea pots

4. You can get the pleasure of suction – There are many models that provide you with an additional benefit of suction. These are even available with adjustable settings. The cap on the end of Fleshlight can be loosened or tightened to adjust the right amount of vacuum for your need.

When you turn it to full suction, you’ll literally feel like having an orgasm, because your dick is sucked right into the device. It feels like a sensual blowjob! Quite impressive huh! You may set it tighter, or loosen a bit.

The venting control system in the Fleshlight prevents building up of harmful air pressure internally. It allows you to adjust to the right kind of suction that you have longed for. It helps in preventing soreness and skin breakdown, as well.

blowjob or suction lips

5. Fleshlight encourages you to practice safe sex – According to their creators, Fleshlight was designed keeping in view of the risks associated with the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, promiscuity, and unwanted pregnancy.

With this adult toy around, you don’t have to wait for the right partner to come along, or having trouble in locating a safe partner. This male sex toy provides you with a satisfying and safe means for unleashing your sexuality. It provides you with the ultimate pleasure that lasts for a lifetime (you will need a new sleeve after several years).

is buying a fleshlight worth it?


Always remember that a male masturbator can be a great addition to your adult toy arsenal. Fleshlights are perfect for every man, and there is enough reason why it is so popular in the world. Once you start using a fleshlight, you will never use your hand to masturbate again. please comment below, if you liked our article on “Is Buying a Fleshlight Worth it?”.

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